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'portrayed a circles' = 'portrayed as circles'
I think in 'The early modern, for Sharpe is ...' you mean 'The early modern, for Burke, is...'
See also Phil Withington's comments on this in _Society in Early Modern England_ (2010).
I'm not sure the sharp contrast between the 'isolated' scholar in the woodcut and the blogger (here and elsewhere in the article) is always true. I agree that few bloggers are ‘isolated’, but there are exceptions. Certainly some have influential blogs but who don’t go out of their way to link others (e.g. Tim Hitchcock). Also, I know a couple (including co-bloggers at the many-headed monster) who simply don’t read other blogs. For them, the blog is a publication/dissemination platform rather than a node in a network. I think that one of the nice things about ‘the blogosphere’ is that there is room in the ecosystem for those types as well.